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Discover Our Cord Ends with Color, Matte and Metallized Color Options

Colored cord ends are produced for many products such as tracksuits, laces, shoes and hooded materials. Nickel, black nickel, gold and similar color can be coated according to your request. One of the indispensable accessories of the brands, we design our capsule tipping product according to the demands.

IMG_9368 Kopyası.jpg

Plastic Button

Our collection of plastic buttons in dozens of colors and different sizes.

Metal Zamak Button

En şık giysilerin vazegeçilmez aksesuarı olan metal zamak düğmeyi keşfedin.



Belt Buckle and Ring

Discover the belt buckle and ring products, which are the abandonment of textile products.

Enamel Button

Our collection of enamel buttons that add color to buttons.

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